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Please check the items below (if indicated) before submission of the manuscript. The manuscript must be submitted online through https://ksccn.jams.or.kr/ (website of Korean Society of Critical Care Nursing (KSCCN)).

  • ☐ This article has not been published elsewhere and will not be published elsewhere. We comply with ethical regulations of Korean Society of Critical Care Nursing.
  • ☐ The first author and the corresponding author should be members of the Korean Society of Critical Care Nursing.
  • ☐ Send author’s checklist by email.
  • ☐ The author must submit the copyright transfer agreement. Required in online submission system.
  • ☐ A4, 10 point, line spacing 200%
  • ☐ It is number 1 from English abstract. Page numbers appear at the bottom of each page.
  • ☐ Original article

◈ Composition of manuscript

  • ☐ The number of pages including tables and figures is no more than 20.
  • ☐ Cover : Title page (title of manuscript, names of all authors (with highest academic degrees and affiliations including titles, department, and name and location of institutions to which the work should be attributed), name of corresponding author, phone number, e-mail address, type of manuscript, number of references, number of words of the English abstract, Korean keywords, additional comments), author's English name, and the name of institutions to which the work, address.
  • ☐ English abstract : The abstract contains no more than 200 words with 5 or fewer keywords at the bottom (English Title/Purpose/Methods/Results/Conclusion).
  • ☐ The keywords are drawn from the MeSH list. No more than 5 keywords should be included.
  • ☐ References: No more than 30 references should be included (Write in English). Comply to the submission rules.
  • ☐ Tables and figures :
    The titles should be placed above tables and below figures.
    Non-standard abbreviations should be defined below tables and figures.
    When using numbers, the units should be specified.

If you don’t comply with the above rules, we are allowed to return your article.

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