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Journal of Korean Critical Care Nursing 2016;9(2):36-47.
Published online December 31, 2016.

직무특성모형에 근거한 중환자실 간호사의 간호업무성과 설명요인
성지숙, 송라윤
2충남대학교 간호학과
Work Performance of Critical Care Nurses Based on the Job Characteristics Model
Ji-Suk Seong, Rhayun Song
1Chungbuk National University Hospital
2Department of Nursing, Chungnam National University
The study examined core job characteristics and job preference to explain work performance among critical care nurses. The theoretical model was constructed based on the job characteristics model with core job characteristics as exogenous variables, and work performance and job preference as endogenous variables.
A total of 228 hospital nurses participated in the study from May to September, 2015. Data were collected through structured questionnaires and analyzed using structural equation modeling.
The model showed a good fit to the data with $x^2/df=2.90$, goodness of fit index = .91, root mean square residual = .20, comparative fit index = .93, and incremental fit index = .93. The core job characteristics explained 64% of the variance in job preference. The core job characteristics and job preference explained 52% of the variance in work performance.
The core job characteristics can explain the work performance among critical care nurses through job preference. Effective strategies to improve the work performance among critical care nurses should focus on the application of the core job characteristic into a productive work environment. Further studies are warranted to explore the role of job preference of critical care nurses in promoting their work performance.
Key Words: Work performance, Core job characteristics, Job preference, Critical care nurse

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