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Journal of Korean Critical Care Nursing 2015;8(2):1-12.
Published online December 31, 2015.

혈당 조절 프로토콜 적용에 따른 흉부외과 중환자의 혈당 조절 상태와 혈당 변동
유혜진, 이남주, 이순행
1서울아산병원 심장외과 중환자실
2서울아산병원 심장외과 중환자실
3서울아산병원 중환자실
The Effects of the Application of a Glucose Control Protocol on Glycemia and Glucose Variability in Critically Ill Cardiothoracic Surgery Patients
Hye Jin Yoo, Nam Ju Lee, Soon Haeng Lee
1Cardiothoracic Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Asan Medical Center
2Cardiothoracic Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Asan Medical Center
3Intensive Care Unit, Asan Medical Center
The study sought to determine the state of blood glucose control, and the consequent clinical effects and variation in blood glucose level, of adult patients admitted to intensive care units following cardiothoracic surgery by comparing the blood glucose levels before and after the application of a blood glucose control protocol.
The protocol was developed by modifying and supplementing the Yale protocol, and was first used in 2012. The resulting blood glucose data of an experimental group (n = 314), to which the blood glucose control protocol had been applied, and a control group (n = 347), whose blood glucose levels had been controlled according to physicians'prescriptions without the protocol, were collected through the medical records.
The target blood glucose ratio increased significantly in the experimental group, and the low blood glucose ratio decreased significantly in the experimental group. The two groups exhibited a significant difference (p < .001) in the degree of variation in the blood glucose levels. The duration of the use of a ventilator was significantly reduced in the experimental group (p < .001).
It is expected that the protocol can be used for the safe and effective control of critically ill cardiothoracic surgery patients' blood glucose levels.
Key Words: Critical care, Blood glucose, Clinical protocols

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